Adeno Learning

Here you can read about our ServiceNow learning platform – called Adeno Learning. We have experienced firsthand what it is like to be on the client side and felt the challenge of sourcing ServiceNow resources for internal teams. A challenge that we are determined to solve.

Adeno Learning cultivates ServiceNow competencies within businesses. We believe that education is paramount in ensuring the full utilization of the ServiceNow platform. You can learn more about the three components of Adeno Learning below.

Next Academy

- In collaboration with Atea.

Over a span of 8 months, Next Academy develops the next generation of ServiceNow professionals, equipped to provide immediate value within businesses even during the training phase.

Having experienced the challenge of sourcing internal ServiceNow ressources from a client’s perspective, we recognize the complexities involved. Through our program, participants will acquire the necessary competencies and corresponding certifications to effectively address and solve the daily operations of ServiceNow. This includes tackling operational challenges and developmental tasks essential to maintaining an updated platform, free from technical debt.

We firmly believe in the efficiency of Blended Learning organized by skilled educators. Our tailored educational program includes bootcamps, hackathons, mentoring, and knowledgesharing between participants and highly competent consultants. This approach establishes a robust foundation for individuals ready to engage with ServiceNow.


We believe in the importance of sharing and discussing challenges with like-minded individuals, who share the same professional reality but operate within different organizational frameworks. This approach contributes to collective growth and development. Consequently, we organize networking events for ServiceNow professionals throughout Denmark.

Within this network, best practices are exchanged and reflected upon, fostering mutual advancement. Participants benefit from precise and confidential insights within a network enriched by invaluable experience. This platform empowers participants to collaboratively address their daily challenges.

We regularly arrange our networking sessions, inviting profiles to present insights that serve as themes for plenary discussions and smaller group workshops.

Courses & Workshops

Adeno Learning provides companies and organizations with access to knowledge and competence-building programs, ensuring that employees can work innovatively while also focusing on translating new ideas into business results.

We offer both open enrollment courses and customized courses and workshops, developed in close collaboration and dialogue with the customer, adapting to individual and specific learning and facility needs.

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