About Adeno

About Adeno

Adeno was founded upon a vision to offer clients ServiceNow consultants capable of delivering value from the first billable hour. We aspire to be your trusted advisor – a partner you can rely on.

With over 70 years of combined experience in ServiceNow, we provide highly qualified consultants, all possessing a profound technical and strategic understanding of the ServiceNow platform.

Many of our ServiceNow experts have operated on both sides of the spectrum – as clients and as consultants. This grants us unique perspectives and competencies in matters concerning implementation, integration, and administration of the ServiceNow platform.

We don’t merely follow best practices; we craft them. Our approach is distinctive, centered on focusing on value throughout the entire process. Defining the value of a requirement right from the outset is vital to us, ensuring that your development team concentrates on building the right features first.

We collaborate with you and your team to deliver exceptional solutions and an effective, scalable ServiceNow platform – every time.

ServiceNow Partner Denmark

ServiceNow Partner

As ServiceNow Partner we are obligated to deliver results of the highest quality.

Meet the team

Charlie Rødgaard

CEO & Partner

Jan Kronborg Christiansen

ServiceNow Expert & Partner

Bjarne Steen Nielsen

ServiceNow Expert & Partner

Sebastian Flytklint Laursen

ServiceNow Expert & Partner

Martin Jensen

ServiceNow Expert & Partner

Trine Piil Kaltoft

Project Manager & Team Lead

Jonas Schneekloth Løkkegaard

ServiceNow Expert & Team Lead

Henrik Højager

ServiceNow Expert & Training Lead

Thomas Vogh Olsen

ServiceNow Expert

Jannik Nielsen

ServiceNow Expert

Mads Westermann Frey

ServiceNow Expert

Jan Winther

ServiceNow Expert

Jeppe Bornemann

ServiceNow Expert

Morten Christiansen

ServiceNow Expert

Søren Priisholm

ServiceNow Expert

Jens Damhøj Andersen

ServiceNow Expert

Martin Green

ServiceNow Specialist

Mikllas Lund

ServiceNow Specialist

Frederikke Enemark

Management Associate

Oskar Jensen

Management Associate

Do you want to be a part of Adeno?

Are you aspiring to excel in the field of ServiceNow? Become a part of Adeno’s robust team. We are actively seeking Denmark’s most talented consultants.

Submit you application and CV to

Core Competencies at Adeno

Experienced and Quality-conscious

We provide highly qualified consultants with a minimum of 5 years of experience, each possessing a profound technical understanding of the entire ServiceNow platform. Our consultants have managed the largest and most advanced platforms and can engage customers at both strategic and technical levels.

Close collaborations with our clients

At Adeno, we prefer to work with a select group of quality clients rather than a multitude. This approach enables us to deliver superior advisory services and consequently, better outcomes. We view our clients as partners and support strong relationships with all of them, valuing an honest and direct dialogue.

Integrity in Our Work

We are committed to assisting clients in the right manner and are not afraid to challenge the status quo. We push boundaries to extract the maximum potential from the opportunities we identify. As we consult our clients, we consider it our responsibility to stay updated on the latest functionality in ServiceNow, allowing us to offer advice backed by the latest knowledge.

Value Throughout the Process

At Adeno, everything we do is driven by a focus on value creation: value for our clients, ourselves, and the wider world. When working with clients, we can measure the value we contribute, which also facilitates our clients’ visualization of the future outcome we jointly achieve.

Values at Adeno

We uphold quality

Adeno is a trustworthy and professional company with ambitious quality standards at every level and function. We maintain a strong focus on integrity in our work with clients and among ourselves.

We embrace freedom

We believe in freedom with responsibility and support flexibility in work, as long as it is reciprocated.

We evolve

Adeno attracts, retains, and encourages qualified employees. The company is adaptable to change and innovative, consistently pursuing opportunities for improvement. We all aspire to develop ourselves, the business, and our clients.

We respect each other

Adeno is an inclusive and accommodating company where personal and professional differences are respected and valued. All employees are equally valued, and the company upholds shared goals and decisions at every level.

We engage

Adeno maintains an open company culture that encourages seeking and taking responsibility, sharing knowledge, and collaborating. We believe that collaboration enhances the quality of our processes and outcomes. For solutions to be effective and enduring, they must be thoughtful and holistic.

Adeno's Culture

Culture is the essence of Adeno. It’s something that lives, grows, and evolves constantly. The culture at Adeno is our guiding light, a principle we uphold within ourselves, among each other, and towards our clients.

At Adeno, we are all part of our base, which serves as the focal point for the entire company. Here, across projects and levels, everyone comes together, finding a sense of community in one another.

Our base acts as the pivot for all collective activities. The synergies between employees, management, and the organization enable us to collaborate in a more effective manner. When we invest time in nurturing our base’s sense of community, we cultivate a culture that fosters achievement, collaboration, and growth. We greatly value our base and firmly believe it binds us closer together.

Adeno is characterized by a Scandinavian work culture. This entails a flat organizational structure, and prospective employees can expect to be engaged “from day one”. We believe in freedom with responsibility and endorse flexibility in work, as long as it is a two-way commitment. You determine when you start your day, when you finish in the evening, and which tasks you are assigned. It’s crucial that each of us enjoys the freedom to choose and takes accountability for ourselves and our tasks.

We are entrepreneurs by heart. We consistently strive to grow efficiently by channeling our energy into the right activities, selecting scalable solutions, and daring to explore new paths and think unconventionally. We encourage skill development to stay attuned to industry shifts and continue improving our abilities.

We thrive when seizing opportunities and opening our minds to learning new things. When everyone aims to surpass yesterday’s results, the entire company becomes stronger and smarter. At Adeno, we persistently endeavor to remain curious, open-minded, fearless, supportive, and honest enough to introspect about our own actions.

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