Adenos products

Below you can find a variety of the products offered by Adeno.

If you would like to learn more about one or more of the products, please don’t hesitate to contact us through the form on the contact page. If you didn’t find the product you were looking for, please feel free to contact us anyway.

Update Set Scan

Keeping track of all the updates being moved to production in ServiceNow can be challenging. Lack of code validation can lead to technical debt on the platform, which over time affects user experience, security, and future upgrades.

By performing an automatic check on all update sets before they are deployed to production, you ensure the future resilience of your platform and avoiding accruing technical debt.

Platform Assessment

Significant development occurs on a ServiceNow platform over time. It can be difficult to ascertain the state of one’s platform. With a Platform Assessment from Adeno, you gain a comprehensive overview of your platform.

Our Platform Assessment is built upon years of experience in managing ServiceNow platforms. The product comprises two components: a scan of the platform and a manual review of this scan.

The primary objective is to identify technical debt, immediate problem areas, and assist in planning the reduction of technical debt, thereby redirecting focus towards the realization of future value.

Value Tracker

Do you know the value your measures create in ServiceNow?

Adeno’s Value Tracker is an independent program designed to track the value of any process within or outside of the ServiceNow environment. The rationale behind this application is to define a set of rules (a collector) which then generates a set of values based on those rules.

The Adeno Value Tracker is freely available on the ServiceNow Store. Information, product documentation, installation and user guides can be found on the ServiceNow Store as well.

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