Expert Insights: Maximize Your ServiceNow Investment with Adoption Blueprints

marts 12, 2024

When using ServiceNow, a very important aspect is to get the most out of your license subscriptions and resources. ServiceNow Adoption Blueprints, formerly called ServiceNow IT Adoption Journeys, is one way you can help yourself achieve this goal. Whether it’s optimizing operations, reducing costs, or enhancing employee experience, Adoption blueprints guide you through every phase of your journey – from ‘crawling’ with the basics to ‘flying’ with advanced features. This article explores the topic and how it can be beneficial for product-owners especially, when making strategic decisions on their ServiceNow Journey.

Strategic Roadmap

Adoption blueprints is a strategic roadmap that helps you to identify the right applications and features that align with your business goals and strategies. This can be very helpful for product-owners and administrators in having an overview of what the status of ServiceNow is in their organization, as well as what steps to take moving forward.

This furthers the independence of ServiceNow-customers, as they can now make even better decisions, tailored to their current situation and licenses – with the key thing being that adoption blueprints focuses on maximizing the potential of ServiceNow-investments already made.

The Adoption Blueprint is oriented towards creating value through strategizing, and not so much towards the technical elements of ServiceNow. The audience for adoption blueprints is primarily product-owners and other stakeholders responsible for strategizing and aligning the platform with business goals and demands.

Continuous Improvement

Traditional roadmaps are often created, rarely looked at, or updated for that matter. Adoption Blueprints automatically updates itself as you engage with it or when new functionality is added in new ServiceNow-releases. You have a complete overview in one workspace, which makes it more user-friendly and intuitive than a traditional roadmap. This lessens your workload related to having and using a roadmap and it is thus much easier for stakeholders to stay informed about where the organization is currently on its ServiceNow-journey, and what new functionalities might be fruitful to look at.

What often happens when organizations implement new modules or functionality on their ServiceNow-platform, is that they move to the next project, and rarely take the necessary time to revisit past implementations – thus losing focus on securing and improving what they already have implemented.

Adoption Blueprints ensures that you have an assistant always reminding you to revisit your past implementations and explaining the value of its proposals for improvement. This helps you keep focus on maximizing the potential of your current setup. Adoption Blueprints also helps you to keep your modules up to date with the added functionality that comes with new ServiceNow-releases. Continuous improvement made easy – help yourself to unlock your ServiceNow-potential without extra costs, simply by maximizing what you already have with Adoption Blueprints.

Stay tuned for the next post that will explain how to use the adoption blueprints.

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