Go-live: CMDB & CSDM at Norlys! 🍰🎉

March 20, 2024

Yesterday, we celebrated the go-live of our CMDB/CSDM project at Norlys.

ServiceNow CSDM can be quite a challenge to tackle. Nevertheless, we have successfully completed the transition to a service-oriented data structure in ServiceNow, aimed at supporting Norlys in its continued growth.

On the technical front, there has been a focus on a multitude of integrations, either to be built or adjusted, as well as the implementation of ServiceNow Discovery.

Rolling out a product like Discovery to companies responsible for critical Danish infrastructure requires a firmly mounted set of safety goggles.

CMDB and CSDM must not be reduced to a mere project but rather seen as a continuous transformation, one that Norlys must now build upon. We at Adeno look forward to supporting Norlys in this endeavor.

A huge thank you to the team at Norlys, who have professionally and successfully guided the project through a busy organization that is constantly evolving.

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