Completed: course in ServiceNow CMDB/CSDM!

May 31, 2024

Thank you for a couple of great days in the CMDB/CSDM course! 🙏

💼 The first day focused on understanding the significance of the CMDB for IT service management. We delved into its hierarchical structure and explored strategies for populating the CMDB with accurate data. We also worked with integrations to scanning tools to ensure a reliable and up-to-date CMDB.

🔍 The second day was about the purpose and benefits of CSDM. We reviewed how CSDM classes are defined and structured, and how CSDM elements relate to CMDB configuration items. We also went through Service Mapping and discussed best practices for CMDB management, including data accuracy, maintenance, and change management.

📚 We will be back with more ServiceNow courses in the fall, including a CMDB/CSDM course in English.

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