Welcome to Morten Christiansen

January 11, 2024

Experienced ServiceNow profile, food lover, and new ServiceNow Expert at Adeno – meet Morten Christiansen. 🌟

For over 5.5 years, Morten has worked exclusively with ServiceNow – most recently as a Senior Consultant at Automize. With experience as both an internal and external ServiceNow consultant, he has built a broad understanding of how processes and workflows are best supported and streamlined by the platform, along with crucial knowledge on building sensible solutions and meaningful automations. 🛠️💻

“In my new role as a ServiceNow Expert at Adeno, I will draw on my combined experience from my previous roles in IT infrastructure and the ServiceNow world to assist our customers, especially in the ITOM area. I contribute with extensive knowledge of ServiceNow and IT in general, as well as common sense and reasoning, which I believe are crucial when guiding our customers towards the most optimal utilization of the platform. I am passionate about creating good and long-lasting ServiceNow solutions that provide the customer with the best possible tools for their employees and organization.”

In his free time, Morten loves cooking for his wife and 2-year-old daughter, where he, in his own words, makes a ‘wicked’ pulled pork and fantastic béarnaise sauce – something we definitely have to taste! 😋 When life as a father of a toddler allows, Morten engages in racing simulations or spends time in nature. 🏎️🌳👨‍🍳

Please welcome Morten! 👋🎉

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