Welcome to Søren Priisholm!

April 5, 2024

Experienced ServiceNow profile, seafarer, and new ServiceNow Expert in Adeno – meet Søren Priisholm! 🎉

For more than 30 years, Søren has been involved with IT, the last 17 years focusing on Service Management, with the last 7 years primarily dedicated to ServiceNow. Recently, Søren has worked as a manager at KPMG, where his role involved being the customer’s trusted advisor with experience from both client and consultant perspectives. 🤝👨‍💼

“In my new role as a ServiceNow expert, my goal is to help Danish ServiceNow customers fully leverage the platform’s potential. My focus will continue what I’ve been doing for many years – delivering quality solutions that are simple, ensuring they are well embedded in the organization, and providing the customer with maximum value from their investment. Nothing comes without effort; sometimes it takes persistence to succeed – therefore, my core work values are stability and focus.”

In his spare time, Søren enjoys stepping away from the screen and being physically active – whether sailing, fishing, gardening, or playing “ball” in the form of paddle and squash. When the weather isn’t suitable for outdoor activities, you can find him with a good book in hand. 🎣⛵📚

Let’s give a warm welcome to Søren! 👋🎉

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