Welcome to Mads Westerman Frey

August 9, 2023

Experienced ServiceNow professional, passionate coffee brewer, and newly appointed ServiceNow Expert at Adeno – Meet Mads Westermann Frey.

For over 5.5 years, Mads has been deeply engaged with ServiceNow, primarily as his focal point. Beginning as Service Management Consultant and later advancing to Solution Architect at DXC Technology, Mads is a skilled individual with extensive experience in both consulting and implementing ServiceNow solutions. Mads has advised some of the largest global ServiceNow clients, and with his comprehensive understanding of the platform, he excels at pinpointing the right solution for each client’s specific challenges.

“In my new role at Adeno, my aim is to assist Danish ServiceNow clients in fully leveraging the platform’s potential. I prioritize staying updated on ServiceNow and its latest functionalities. If a client’s desires consist of technical impracticalities or can be addressed more intelligently through out-of-the-box components, I am not afraid to challenge their perspective. I excel at comprehending an organization’s needs and translating them into robust and easily maintainable ServiceNow solutions”, says Mads.

Besides work, Mads is a devoted coffee enthusiast. Beyond owning an espresso machine, he possesses a multitude of brewing apparatuses, tirelessly experimenting with various beans, roast, types, and brewing techniques. 

Let’s give a warm welcome to Mads!

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